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Center for Pedagogical Education Development


    The Center has been created to facilitate the system of continuous pedagogical education of the Republic of Belarus 




The main objectives of the Center are the following:

Assessing the condition of pedagogical education within the state and abroad; forecasting the tendencies of development of pedagogical education in the Republic of Belarus; conducting the continuous monitoring of the problems occurring in the system of pedagogical education and the substantiation of their possible solutions.
Developing theoretical-methodological and scientific-methodical basics of the development of pedagogical education.
Organization and carrying out research and experimental works, conducting innovational activity on relevant issues of pedagogical education and science.
Complex methodical supply of educational-training process of higher education establishments and the departments which train pedagogically qualified specialists. 

Coordinating-managing activity on standardization and guaranteeing the quality of pedagogical education.
Expert examination of the quality of educational and scientific-methodical production in the sphere of pedagogical education.
Studying, mutual exchange and spreading of innovational domestic and foreign experience of the development of pedagogical education.


Republic of belarus, 220050, Minsk city, Sovetskaya str, 18,