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Distant Learning

The distant learning department presents:

Materials on developing and using the distant educational technologies

All the materials of distant educational technologies are sited on the webpage of distant learning Moodle, all in free access.

The home page of the webpage Moodle has the materials classified into categories. 

The category HOW TO WORK in MOODLE:

  1.  Distant course “Methodic materials”

Contains the products of the distant learning department on organization of educational process with using of distant educational technologies.

The distant lecture and presentation reveal:

  • the notion of technology of distant learning,
  • the main conditions of creating of the distant course,
  • recommendations on creating the electronic course of distant learning,
  • recommendations on creating of electronic course book.

The sited document “The System of distant learning Moodle 2.0.1.pdf” («Система ДО Moodle 2.0.1.pdf») – a detailed user’s guide on the website Moodle.

The sited document “Creating the elements of distant course on the website Moodle.pdf” («Создание элементов дистанционного курса в СДО Moodle.pdf») contains a detailed algorithm of creating the distant course in Moodle.

The folder “Tests Hot Potatoes_Reference materials” («Тесты Hot Potatoes_Справочные материалы») has the materials on creating tests in the programme Hot Potatoes and implementing them into the distant course.

     2.  Distant course “The instructions for the teacher”

Contains a detailed guide on work on the website Moodle for the teacher-creator of the course, tutor.

     3.  Distant course “The instructions for the student”

Contains a detailed guide for students on work with the distant course on the website Moodle.