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Pre-University Training Course



Faculty of pre-university education.

Founded in 1989.







The training is based on intensive modern methods using new information technologies. Foreign citizens are admitted to the institutions of higher education according to the results of final exams after graduating from the faculty of pre-university education. The students learn Russian and two subjects connected with the future speciality.
In 2005 the Preparatory department for foreign citizens was opened at the faculty. More than 300 foreign citizens from Turkmenistan, China, Algeria, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Morocco, Cameroon and other countries graduated from the faculty. 

Educational profiles:
Physics and Mathematics;
Chemistry and Biology;
Pedagogic (Mathematics, History of Belarus, Biology);
Physical education and sport (Physical training, Biology);
Linguistics (Russian Language, Russian Literature, Belarusian Language, Belarusian Literature, Foreign Languages);
History and Social Science (History of Belarus, World History).



Dean – Yakovenko Sergey, Ph.D. in Pedagogy, Associate professor.