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The Institute of Inclusive Education of BSPU was opened the 4 of July 2016 at the Faculty of Special education in accordance with the order of the rector dated 04.07.2016 № 67.

The administrative and managerial staff of the Institute of Inclusive Education:


Vera Valeryevna Khitryuk

Deputy Directors:

Vladimir Stepanovich Volchenkov;

Maryia Eugenievna Skivitskaya;

Valentina Mikhaelovna Mokretsova.

The actuality of creation of the Institute of Inclusive education is caused, first of all, by accession of the Republic of Belarus to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities adopted by the United Nations in 2006. The Convention ratified by our country in 2016 proclaims the duty of the States Parties to ensure an inclusive education system at all levels and lifelong learning.

The Institute of Inclusive Education Institute of Inclusive Education will be an academic-research-production center that provides the elaboration of conceptual foundations and undertaking educational, research, academic-methodological and practical activities in the sphere of inclusive and special education in the Republic of Belarus.


The structural divisions of the Institute include:

  • Department of Correction and Development Technologies;
  • Department of Speech Therapy;
  • Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of Inclusive Education;
  • Department of Special Pedagogy;
  • Educational and organizational department;
  • Educational laboratory for the development of information technologies in special education «Education without borders»;
  • Republican resource center of inclusive education, created on the initiative and with the support of UNICEF.


Programs Offered

The Institute of Inclusive Education provides the training of specialists in full-time and part-time forms of obtaining higher education in the first stage of higher education in the specialties:

  • «Oligophrenopedagogics»

​            qualification: teacher-defectologyspecialist    (oligophrenopedagogue)

  • «Typhlopedagogics»

            qualification: teacher-defectology specialist (typhlopedagogue)

  • «Surdopedagogics»

            qualification: teacher-defectology specialist (surdopedagogue)

  • «Speech Therapy»

            qualification: teacher-speech therapist


Form of study in all specialties: daily (budget and paid) - 4 years,

                                                   part-time (budget and paid) - 5 years.


The training on the 2nd stage of higher education (MA course) is carried out in the Institute of Inclusive Education in the following specialities:

1-08 80 05 Correctional pedagogics;

1-08 80 05 Correctional pedagogics with the profilization «Early complex assistance to children with development abnormalities» (in a network form);

1-08 80 05 Correctional pedagogics with the profilization «The activity of a psychological-medical-pedagogical commission and a psychological-medical-pedagogical council of doctors» (in a network form).

The realization of the educational programs of MA course in a network form in the Institute of Inclusive Education is carried out as an experimental activity.

The recruitment of students for the integrated specialty 1-08 80 09 Inclusive Education was opened in 2019, including profilization «Correctional pedagogics».


220114, Minsk, st. F. Skoriny, 13

Institute of Inclusive Education, Building 7

Educational and organizational department:

full-time education


part-time education



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