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26 April 2017 at the Institute of psychology BSPU held a public lecture “Psychological expertise in the judicial practice”, which was conducted by doctor of education, specialist in the field of object relations, fellow of the faculty of psychology Research University of New Jersey (USA), senior Federal specialist forensic examination URI Amit.


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The UN/UNDP in the Republic of Belarus has awarded the University a Certificate of appreciation for socially meaningful activities in achieving the Goals of sustainable development and the creation of an inclusive society in Belarus.

According to the world ranking of universities webometric sites (Webometrics Ranking of World Universities), updated in January 2017, BSPU site position takes 9th place among Belarusian universities.

Invites you to participate from June 26, July 5, 2017 "Summer school 2017. Discover Belarus: from education to culture".

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Life of a foreign student in our University (photo gallery).

Guest visit from the Beijing II Foreign Studies University

October 13, 2016 BSPU was visited by the delegation from Beijing II Foreign Studies University (People`s Republic of China).

The delegation consisted of Vice-rector Zhu Guanghao,   Dean of the Faculty for Russian language Zhang Huiqin, Vice-director of the College at Beijing II Foreign Studies University Rao Qikang. There were organized meetings with Vice-rector Svetlana Kopteva, Deputy director of the Department for International Cooperation Tatiana Tyantova, Deputy director of the Institute for Advance in Teaching Veronica Radygina, Dean of the Faculty for Belarusian and Russian Philology Vasilij Starichonok, Chinese graduate and Master`s students of the BSPU.  

As a result of mutual understanding the both sides have undersigned the collaboration agreement in the field of education.

The Chinese guests have visited Foucault pendant, the Museum of the Rare Book, art gallery “Enlighteners of Belarus” and were very impressed by the collection of ancient literature in the library of BSPU. They have talked to Chinese youth, students of BSPU.

Their cultural program included visit to open-air museum Dudutki dedicated to ancient folk crafts and technologies and to the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus.

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Online-game on Sustainable Development

September 21, 2016 the online-game «Our Belarus: Sustainable Development Goals – Building Blocks of Peace», dedicated to the World Peace day is going to happen.

The initiators and facilitators are Education for Sustainable Development Association, Student`s Research Laboratory “Pedagogical Education for Sustainable Development” and Center for Development of Pedagogical Education  of BSPU supported by International Initiative Earth Charter.

As participants are invited – students from senior school, included pupils from pedagogical classes, engaged youth and future teachers. We invite teams from different educational institutions, NGO`s and local communities, friends, interested in implementation of their initiatives.

While answering questions of the Game they will raise awareness about values and principles of SDGs and National Strategy for Sustainable Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Belarus up to 2030, they will develop their ideas and initiatives for the benefit of quality of life of local communities.

Terms and guidelines of the Online-game are on the web-page of pedagogical classes of BSPU.

All participants are going to be awarded with certificates, winning teams will be awarded with prizes.

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Honored Guests from Armenian State Pedagogical University

From September 11 to 14, 2016 BSPU was visited by the delegation from Armenian State Pedagogical University named after Khachatur Abovyan (Yerevan, Armenia), headed by Rector Ruben Mirzachanyan.

Among other members of delegation were Head of ICT Department David Sargsyan and Dean of the Faculty for Inclusion Education Armine Avagyan.

September 12, 2016 was organized a meeting of Rector of AGPU with students and teachers of BSPU, Ruben Mirzachanyan held a lecture “Armenian Education System: Past, Present, Future”.

As it was scheduled, the delegation visited the ICT Center, educational and research laboratory “Education without borders”, Resource Center of the Faculty of Social and Pedagogical Technologies, participated at the round table  «Information culture of the future specialists in the social and pedagogical area within their study at the university». The guests will meet as well the Director and teachers of the Institute for Inclusive Education of BSPU.

As approved by the University Council, Ruben Mirzachanyan was awarded with a Diploma of Honored Professor.

The entertainment program was built around meeting the Belarusian culture. Guests visited the National Art Museum, National Library of Belarus and walked down the center of the night city.

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Educational visit of BSPU team to Hanover, Germany

Since September 19 to 23, 2016 the delegation of BSPU and Education for Sustainable Development Association has taken part at the international educational seminar, supported by EU funded project MOST for enhancing professional contacts between Belarus and the EU. Seminar took place in Hanover, Germany.

BSPU and Association team was presented by Natallia Naumenko, Dean of the Faculty for Natural Sciences, Ekaterina Sposob, specialist of the Department for International Cooperation, project manager of the Association, Anatolij Murauyeu, Executive Director of the Association, Nina Koshel Expert of the Association.

Seminar  Education for Sustainable Development was organized by youth ecological organization Janun e.V. Hannover and facilitated by Achim Riemann, project coordinator of Janun Hannover e.V.

The Belarusian delegation visited 3 German cities: Bremen, Hildesheim, Hanover and had a lot of interesting meetings and workshops. In Bremen they talked to Marko Reitmann, an associated professor from Vechta University, (Lower Saxony), coordinator for ESD programs for future teachers and agreed about guest lectures and webinars for teachers and students of BSPU.

In Hildesheim University they met with members of the cross-university network «Green Office» and with Sarah Böse, coordinator of the Certificate program «Education for Sustainable Development». As a result seminar participants outlined the framework for student and teachers mobilities, partnership programs, projects and initiatives, said  Dean of the Faculty for Natural Sciences Natallia Naumenko.

In a Hanover School Biology Center Belarusian delegation has participated at workshops, lectures and round discussions in the field of ESD for preschoolers, students and teachers, organized by researchers and coordinators of educational and research programs at Hanover School Biology Center, Winfried Noack and Joerg Ledderbogen. The parties achieved agreements about student exchanges and translation of accumulated materials on ESD.

Belarusians were also very pleased to meet their colleagues from Serbia: Marina Topuzovich, Vice-Dean of the Faculty for Natural Sciences of  Kragujevac  University,   Natasa Pesic Radosavljevic, City Administrator for Project Management, Sustainable and Balanced Development Kragujevac,  Milan Gabaric, Director of ecological NGO CEOOR and discuss the issues and challenges of Sustainable Development in both countries.

The last days were dedicated to Education for Sustainable Development in Hanover. The delegation visited the Leibnitz University and attended a workshop, guided by Heiko Wohltmann, coordinator for ESD programmes for primary and 1st stage of secondary schools, associated professor of Leibnitz University. Then they paid attention to the presentations and round table about   Sustainable Student Companies and Local Agenda 21activities  in Lower Saxony, guided by Carsten Schröder, coordinator for sustainable development and consumption in Department for School Education in Lower Saxony and Udo Büsing, coordinator for and Sustainable Development of Hanover City Administration.

At a wrap-up meeting the participants developed a number of ideas for future cooperation and left Lower Saxony with a luggage full of inspiration.

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Delegation from shanghai pedagogical university has visited bspu

June 7, 2016 the delegation from Shanghai university comprised of vice-rector for research, head of research and science department, hear of committee for PR-relations, representatives Music College, Head of Department for International Cooperation.

The guests were introduced the educational opportunities of BSPU for Chinese students, the vice rector of BSPU Svetlana Kopteva has expressed an interest in developing bilateral relations, academic mobility, common research programs and participation in international conferences and seminars.
The vice rector for research Zsin Fei Ke has stated, that Shanghai university is the leading university for humanities and teaching training. At the moment there are 76 subjects in 10 areas: Philosophy, Economic, law, Pedagogics, Literature, History, Science, Technic, Management Theory and Agriculture. The applicants can choose one of the specialities. The university has three research institutes for urban culture, comparative language theory etc. The outcome of the meeting was exchange with partnership agreements. In the framework of the agreements  the universities can develop researches, produce academic mobility exchanges, organize educational projects, conferences, seminars and workshops. This agreement makes a good basement for long-term multilateral cooperation between universities. Chinese colleagues have visited The Rare Book Museum of BSPU, which collection has produced a deep impression on them.


Collaboration with Eurasian Association of pedagogical universities

June 3, 2016 the International video conference ”On the leading perspectives of development of the Eurasian Association of Pedagogical Universities”.  In the conference have participated the universities from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

The video conference was opened by the President  of Eurasian Association of Pedagogical Universities, Rector of the Moscow Pedagogical State University Alexey Semenov. In his speech he has stressed the main directions of high school collaboration for the next school year and the importance of the Association as a consolidating structure.

His colleagues  have spoken about the measures for quality of education in pedagogical universities, importance of academic mobility and expert exchange.

Rector of BSPU Aleksander Zhuk has talked about efficiency factors and priorities of Association: the widening of international university networking, the forms of their collaboration and the assessment of the outcomes. As a key factor he has highlighted the building of a common scientific and educational space in order to train the teachers of the 21st century, to develop new educational standards for all levels and stages of pedagogical education etc.

A. Zhuk has proposed to establish on a basis of pedagogical universities resource centers according to experiences of research pedagogical schools and innovative educational practices. These resource centers are supposed to train PhD students, organize conferences and workshops, enable students and teachers  to complete internships. 

 35 universities, members of the EAPU have taken part in the video conference.


You’re invited to participate in EAP CONNECT

EAP Connect Program is supporting connections between researchers and students from the Eastern Partnership, the project helps them work together and exchange data, becoming global players in the world of science and research. Therefore the Partnership is announcing an international call for young researchers until June 30, 2016.

The selected applicants will be invited to Tbilisi for project presentation. The participation in program is covered by EAP Connect funds.                                                     

Applications deadline till June 30, 2016.                                                           

For further details please contact: Sovetskaya street 18, room 127, Minsk.

Tel. +375 17 200 21 95 (Svetlana).


Scholarships of the Government of the Slovak Republic for students, Master`s students and PhD students are provided in the framework of the  bilateral educational programs.

 The scholarships are distributed by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus. The Application form is available on the web page of  Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic .

For further details please contact: Sovetskaya street 18, room 127, Minsk.

Tel. +375 17 200 21 95 (Svetlana).


Admission of foreign students

Foreign citizens and stateless persons may enter the institution of higher education:

  • at the expense of the national budget of the Republic of Belarus or on a fee-paying basis according to international treaties of the Republic of Belarus;
  • on a fee-paying basis according to the results of final testing after graduating from the pre-university preparatory course;
  • on a fee-paying basis according to the results of the interview, evaluating the level of proficiency of the language in which the educational process is carried out as sufficient for studies.

The admission of foreign citizens and stateless persons is carried out on the basis of the agreement on training specialists at the expense of the national budget or at the expense of individual and legal persons, concluded by the university with  foreign citizens and stateless individuals or their representatives (legal representatives of minor foreign citizens and stateless persons (upon presentation of documents confirming the status of the legal representative of a minor foreigner or a stateless person) or with foreign citizens and stateless persons acting under a power of attorney, certified by a public notary or an authorized official, as well as a legal entity ( individual entrepreneur, a natural person) carrying out the payment of tuition fees (if any), where besides the conditions laid down by the law, the liability of the parties to pay the expenses in case of sending a foreign citizen out of the bounds of the Republic of Belarus is stipulated.

All documents made in foreign languages are to be supplied with a notarized translation into the Russian or Belarusian languages.