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BSPU Employees' Trade-Union

The primary trade union of BSPU workers

The primary trade union of BSPU workers is an organizational structure of Belarusian trade union of educational and scientific workers with the rights of the district trade union and the rights of legal body. 

The highest body of the primary trade union organization (PTUO) of BSPU workers is the conference held at least once in five years. Between the conferences the activity of the PTUO is leaded by the trade union committee chosen at the conference.

The trade union of BSPU workers provides protection of rights and legal interests of the members. The activity of the trade union is conducted according to the Collective Treaty of the BSPU workers, branch and general agreements and other legislative acts of the Republic of Belarus.



If You are a member of the Belarusian trade union of educational and scientific workers: 

  • the action of the Collective Treaty and the branch agreement is spread on You;
  • Your labour, social-economic rights and legal interests will be protected in front of employer above everything.
  • You can count on:
  • free legal, methodical and consulting help;
  • material help according to the applications № 2, № 3 of the Collective Treaty;
  • participating in excursion trips over the country on favourable terms;
  • acquiring the subscription to the university’s swimming pool on favourable terms;
  • partial compensation of the price for sanatorium voucher if you had had vacations in the sanatoria and rest houses belonging to Belarusian Federation of Trade Unions;
  • encouragement for active participating in social, cultural and sports life of BSPU workers.

You will feel your membership in the largest, the most democratic public organization of the country.