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Students' Trade-Union

The foreman of the primary students’ trade union of BSPU.

The work of the organization If you are a real student, you are a friend of students’ trade union!

The primary students’ trade union of BSPU is:

  • defending the social-economic rights of students;
  • legal support;
  • students’ representing in negotiations with the administration of the university on all issues of educational activity organization;
  • free consulting on juridical and social-legal issues;
  • protection of labour and health, public control of the conditions of education, organization of meals and medical service;
  • trade union training on all issues of organizing the education process and providing students’ and graduates’ rights;
  • working with separate social categories of students (orphans, disabled students, family students, etc.);
  • organizing leisure and health-improving activities for students;
  • financing students’ programmes and projects;
  • rendering material help;
  • solutions of housing and everyday issues together with the administration and deans’ offices.