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Student s Union, Belarusian Republican Youth Union and the Red Cross are a fundamental part of BSPU scene. The most active members of these organisations form a Volunteer University Team that is involved in organising significant social events both at the university level and nationwide.


BSPU has been actively engaged in volunteering activities. The network of voluntary associations comprises more than ten clubs such as Miloserdie (Charity), Krylia (Wings), Planeta LiR (Love and Joy Planet), Ulybka Blizhnego (Fellowman s Smile), Danko (named after the main character in the story by Maxim Gorky), Ravenstvo (Equality), Dobroe Serdtse (Kind Heart), Doverie (Trust), etc.


Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after Maxim Tank is renowned for its traditions of student self-government. BSPU Student Council aims at stimulating students intellectual and physical development as well as their creativity. It encourages personal growth, unlocks leadership potential and helps to gain professional competence while participating in social projects.


BSPU promotes student journalism. All university faculties and departments have official websites. The Student Press Center coordinates journalistic activities. Press conferences, briefings and meetings with interesting people are constantly organised for university journalists. The student newspaper "Shkalyar" (The Schoolie) is widely available. Young journalists are welcome to enter the Golden Pen Contest.