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One of the main objectives of the educational establishment “Belarusian state pedagogical university named after M. Tank” is satisfaction of people’s needs in intellectual, moral, physical and creative development of students on the base of the iseperable unity of reseach activity and aesthetical training.
On the base of BSPU public organizations and communities carry out their activity in various directions. Among them are primary trade-union students’ organization, primary organization “Belarusian Republican Youth Union”, primary organization “The Red Cross”. The main objective of these communities is realization and conducting of socially important department, university, city and republican events. Their participants are the activists of the staff “Applicant” and territorial voluntary squad of BSPU.
An important part in the university life belongs to cultural-leisure activity of students. Its coordinator is the students’ club “Yunost” of the centre of students’ creativity of BSPU. The students’ club works on aesthetic and moral training of the youth of our university. Its main objectives are:
•        organizing creative projects and cultural events in BSPU;
•        giving practical help in realization of students’ initiative;
•       creating and development of creative contacts between staffs, establishments of higher education, organizing committees and founders of festivals on republican and international levels;
•        searching new forms of organization of cultural-leisure activity.
In the beginning of 2014 BSPU has about 80 club formations (choreographic, vocal, theatrical, instrumental, etc.) with participation of more than 1200 students. 8 communities have the title “People’s”.
BSPU is the leader of voluntary movement among the universities of the country. On the base of the university 9 university and department voluntary clubs and communities carry out their activity. They work in following directions: 
•       giving help to children with peculiarities of psychophysical development, disabled children, orphans and children without care of parents;
•        social foster care of orphanages, elderly people, veterans;
•        pedagogical support of children and adolescents;
•        help in restoration works, etc.
The activity of voluntary clubs is coordinated by the voluntary movement institute.
BSPU is proud of many years’ traditions of students’ self-government. The students’ council of BSPU makes the main contribution in this direction. Its main objectives are the following:
•        stimulating intellectual, physical development of students, their creative self-realization;
•        stimulating personal progress;
•        revealing leaders’ potential and increasing professional competence of students;
•        giving practical help in realization of students’ initiative.
         The university provides all the necessary conditions for realization of youth initiative: active work on promoting and administrating of students’ projects is being conducted. Among these projects are the festival of KVN teams of BSPU, intellectual-entertaining game “Patayemny skarb”, the seminar of students’ activists of BSPU, the annual ceremony of awarding of the students’ activists of BSPU with “Golden Joker” and many others.
         Especially popular is the BSPU radio-project “StudLife” on FM-broadcast, where the DJs tell about the news of educational, cultural and sporting life of the university and the city.

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