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About the University

Our university is one of the oldest universities in our country. Thanks to the traditions it combines academism, openness and innovations.

The university has gained a good reputation and has become a leader in the field of teacher training for 100 years of its glorious and rich history.  Outstanding scientists and teachers, famous scientific schools and centres,  a high standard of professional and interpersonal ethics,  the continuity of traditions and the possibility to transfer rich pedagogical and life experience to the younger generations - all this is BSPU nowadays.

Our University is always ready to share experience and to adopt innovation, that’s why we are open to fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation on the field of education.

BSPU is a member of the Euroasian universities association. This fact shows that the professional training is maintained on a very high level and it confirms that our university can integrate into the international community.

Our teachers and professors apply a creative and an innovative approach to their work, they try to develop individual abilities of every student.  Our main aim is to train a specialist of a new formation, an active, an open-minded and a self-confident person.

We do our best to give our students an education which can meet the best standards. At the university a classical approach that combines fundamentality, practice and the pedagogical focus is applied. We take into consideration the current global trends in higher education in order to choose a development model with the students as the future intellectual elite of Belarus in its centre. We are proud of the past and the present of our university, we cherish its honour and reputation.

Video about the University

According to the world ranking of universities webometric sites (Webometrics Ranking of World Universities), updated in January 2017, BSPU site position takes 9th place among Belarusian universities.

The UN/UNDP in the Republic of Belarus has awarded the University a Certificate of appreciation for socially meaningful activities in achieving the Goals of sustainable development and the creation of an inclusive society in Belarus.